Rogers Digital Celebrates National Compliment Day

January 25, 2020

You know what’s awesome? When there’s a national day to celebrate what we do every day at Rogers Digital. Our Digital team is taking the opportunity to show their appreciation for their colleagues on National Compliment Day. This whole week, we had our team grabbing compliment cards and giving their colleagues positive vibes.

Our Content Producer, Amber Lavitt excited to write kind words in a Compliment card.

The power of a compliment is remarkable – it has the extraordinary ability to brighten someone’s day. It also demonstrates that we value our colleagues’ contributions to the team, big and small, beyond just the large team wins that we’re more likely to celebrate with awards and fanfare. By doing something special on this day, we’re hoping to continue that momentum every day through our Achievers Rewards and Recognition program.

Compliment Wall in our Toronto office with treats to add that extra joy!

Sometimes it’s tough to find the right words. We hear sweet treats usually do the trick.

Compliment Wall in our Montreal office

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