From Scrum Master to an Agile Coach

October 24, 2019

Girish Khullar, Agile Coach

I joined Rogers Digital as a Scrum Master after emigrating from India. It has been an enriching experience to plan Scrum implementations and help influence changes that increase the productivity of the scrum team.

When my manager was searching for an Agile Coach, I expressed my interest to her. She welcomed my enthusiasm and encouraged me to apply for the position, and here I am – an Agile Coach!

The role of an Agile Coach is both exciting and challenging. I love to experiment; I’m passionate about helping others, and enjoy continuous learning. I’m lucky to learn from the many wonderful agile practitioners that support me in my growth and offer plenty of guidance.

In my role, I’ve created paths to enable smooth flows of communication within the team. This helped in reducing the turn-around time for various Scrum ceremonies.

I’ve worked with the Digital Self -Serve team to foster change in the mindset of the group towards agile. This has been an amazing opportunity, rather than a challenge. I’m motivated listening to the aspirations of the individual and how our leadership team taps into their potential.

Anyone considering a career as an Agile Coach at Rogers Digital will want to have:

  • Empathy. This one is deeply important to make an impact. You must have the ability to be empathetic and understand the challenges of those you support.
  • Ability to facilitate change. Often, as agile coaches, we are required to take a group of people through key concepts and methods so that they can think through our processes and be able to apply them in their environment. These facilitations range from one-on-one ad-hoc sessions to large-scale group presentations and everything in between. Making them interactive is critical.
  • Ensure you have the right qualifications. Understand the values of the Agile Manifesto. There are various licensing organizations for different roles in the Agile world. The key certification for an Agile Coach is the ICP-ACC Agile Coach designation.
  • Industry awareness. Socialize with like-minded people and learn new trends in the Agile world.

Although we are new in embracing Agile, I believe the leadership group and amazing teams of Rogers Digital are set up for success! The independence handed to us to experiment within Agile, and the guidance provided by our leaders in our personal and professional development, is a huge help in this constantly evolving field.

I’m really excited to be part of the team representing Rogers at the 11th annual Toronto Agile Community Conference, where Digital is a proud sponsor.  I look forward to sharing with other agile practitioners how we incorporate the agile mindset into all of our deliverables, while learning from them how their organizations are choosing to adopt agile into their work culture and the innovations they are developing.

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