Elevate Tech Jam 2019

September 27, 2019

The Elevate Tech Jam took past this weekend at the Design Exchange in Toronto. The event drew 500+ hackers, who were grouped into teams for an immersive 20-hour session of ideation, design, and presentation. Rogers was a proud co-creator.

The challenge: How can new technologies provide solutions for the consumer experience?

Teams included a diverse mix of UX designers, developers, data scientists, business students, and artists. Their mission was to develop concepts, come up with viable solutions and test their ideas. Each team then presented to judges. Some of the impressive concepts included a food waste management app, automating charitable donations, and using augmented reality for installation and tech support.

In addition to competing for the challenge’s Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes, many felt the experience of participating at Tech Jam was its own reward. “The biggest takeaway for me is the critical thinking,” says participant Xaviera Diaz. “Tech Jam really takes you out of your comfort zone to know what your strengths and weaknesses are. The experience has been amazing.”

Some of our own Senior Developers, including Vinupriya Selvamanee and Edward Peng, as well as Technical Delivery Manager, Gulam Emran, got involved as mentors.

Vinupriya reflects, “It was great to learn about how other industries are leaning on technology to solve their pressing problems and to hear the speakers on what currently matters the most in technology. This helps us to pick up the scent of the next unpredictable disruption in technology”.

Gulam adds, “As a Rogers Digital employee, this helped me grow my network, learn new technology and work with fresh minds to solve problems”.

“This is an exciting opportunity to participate in building a better future. Diverse perspectives bring a wide range of talents to spur a grassroots movement toward agile and digital thinking”, says Edward.

Already looking forward to next year’s event! In the meantime, check out the slideshow below.

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